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Install phpmyadmin on Laravel Homestead

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  • Install phpmyadmin on Laravel Homestead

    One of our students, wrote a nice set of instructions in the past,on how to install the phpmyadmin on Homestead, so this is the link to the original thread: and below is the copy paste version of the "guide":

    Assuming your on Windows:
    - Download phpMyAdmin from
    - Extract it and rename the extracted folder to 'phpmyadmin'
    - Copy the folder into your project directory (there should be a Laravel folder already there)
    - Open your Homestead.yaml file (Usually located at: C:\Users\yourusername\Homestead) and add the directories for phpmyadmin to the Folders and Sites sections. It should look similar to below (in the example below I have called the Laravel project "projectA")
    1. folders:
    2. - map: c:/Users/ollie/Documents/projectA
    3. to: /home/vagrant/project
    4. - map: c:/Users/ollie/Documents/projectA/phpmyadmin
    5. to: /home/vagrant/projectA/phpmyadmin
    6. sites:
    7. - map:
    8. to: /home/vagrant/projectA/Laravel/public
    9. - map:
    10. to: /home/vagrant/projectA/phpmyadmin

    - Edit your hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) and add at the bottom:
    - Open cmd prompt and CD to Homestead folder
    - Ensure Vagrant is halted by running: vagrant halt
    - Then run the following command: vagrant reload --provision should then work in your browser
    User: homestead
    Pass: secret
    Big thanks to our student, Matthew!